Sharing the latest news from our plant


Hello to everyone. Sharing the news from our plant. We are working as usual: to catch up and overtake the entire world, without forgetting to work on new products.

Ok, now it’s Dakota 700 smokehouse. The figure indicates the laying of semi finished product with weight 700 pounds, i.e. 350 kg. What can be better than firewood and exact electronic control. The temperature front in the chamber is uniform, the maximum temperature spread along the chamber is 3.8 degrees Celsius. The temperature spread in the products was not found.

The photo shows the basic controller, our favorite with a touch panel which is also available for order. A little later there will be photos of products. And what kind of brisket can be prepared there… mm… No words to express!

With respect to the work of the hot shop, Your Vesta.




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